Achtung Baby 1992:

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Achtung Baby 1992:
« on: February 21, 2023, 05:29:54 PM »
August 91. U2 are aware the last album was in 88. October 91 is slated for the next release. 

But after nearly splittng a few months earlier they are now in a groove. The songs & ideas are flowing.

Edge says 'Lets go for a double. Otherwise these ideas will be scrapped by the next album'.

'But that would mean a 92 release'.  Says Bono.

'No problem, we are U2. Lets make a proper challenge to The White Album & Exile'. Says Edge.

Rumours circulate that U2 are recording a double. Whispers are that they have lost the plot & throwing everything at it in the hope something works. As Oasis did in 97.

In June 92 'Achtung Baby' is released -

Zoo Station.
Even Better.
Lady with the...

Until the
Mysterious Ways 
The Fly
Statelite of Love

Light my Way.
Love is blindness
Night & Day

Dirty Day
The Wanderer.


Critics & fans are confused. This isn't like TJT. Is it a masterpiece or have U2 lost it? 

Edge is not on TV announcing Wembley Stadium before it's release. As he did in 87. Only Earls Court is announced.

Twelve months later and everything is fine. Achtung Baby is considered a masterpiece & top 5 album of all time. The ZooTV tour is taking over the world.

As for Exile & The White Album. They are in for a torrid time over the coming decades as AB gathers gravitas.
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Re: Achtung Baby 1992:
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My memory is a bit fuzzy but i don't recall AB as a double album,  and a lot of the material there was on 1993's Zooropa. 


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Re: Achtung Baby 1992:
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My alternative timeline. Left off 5 songs from the released AB/Z.

Don't believe AB was ever considered to be a double. Unlike TJT. Although the singles did include some new tracks.

Zooropa was recorded quickly. Maybe a 2 month break from recording AB & they could have added another batch of songs. 

What a double it would have been.
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